Course details

Weekday ♪ day to Thursday limited ☆ 【C course】 About 90 kinds of all you can eat and all you can drink → 2.5H 2500 yen

Weekday ♪ day to Thursday limited ☆ 【C course】 About 90 kinds of all you can eat and all you can drink → 2.5H 2500 yen

By using a coupon2500 Yen

Friday, Saturday and public holidays 3 hours

  • 3200persons
All-you-can-drink available

All you can drink wine and sake ... ♪

Available days for reservation
Monday - Thursday and Sunday

【C course】 is all you can drink sake and wine as well ♪ Have fun drinking and eat and survive the rainy season! 【Friday, Saturday and Public Holiday will be 2H / 3000 yen.First three items of dishes will come out because it leaves it, so it will be ordered after it is taken.You can also do without first-out at +300 yen! (If you use it for 2 people, you can use from +300 yen without pre-opening ◎)】

Course menu

□ 3 items will come out first at random.

It will be ordered from the time you eat it.

☆ ★ All you can eat menu ★ ☆


Wakabayashi, Takawazi Ponzu, Edamame, Kimchi, Cold Fish, Green Onion and Sesame Oil


Caesar salad · Korean style salad with tofu · Salted cabbage · Japanese style onion salad


Fuwafu yam - Teppanyaki · Chicken teppanyaki ~ Japanese style onion sauce ~

Teppanyaki of chicken and mushroom ~ Mayor sauce shining ~ · Bacon cheese Teppanyaki · Potato cheese Teppanyaki

【Charcoal grilling】

Charcoal grilling of chicken · Charcoal grilling of bacon · Calf round gut hormone charcoal grilling ~ Negishi salt sagure ~ Cattle round bowel hormone Charcoal grilling - Miso sauce ~

Charcoal grilling of pork belly · Charcoal grilling of beef loose meat ~ Negipong vinegar ~ Charcoal grilling of beef roast meat ~ Leech salt sauce ~


Steamed clam clams, omelets, green onions, grilled bean sprouts, sweet bean sprouts, pig kimchi, clams butter

【Fried food】

Chicken fried chicken · fried eggs · fried Takoyaki · fried potato · fried spring roll · shiso fly etc.

【Pasta · Pizza】

Tomato sauce pasta · vongole pasta · Japanese style pasta · marguerita pizza with leek and leek


Tanga pot · Tige pot · Miscellaneous cooking set · Noodle set


White rice, kimchi fried rice, green onion salt fried rice, ume noodles pickled · rice crackle pickles


Bavaroa · Mango Pudding · Coffee jelly

All-you-can-drink menu

· "Barrel"
· Nodogoshi <Raw> · Shandigafu · Diesel
· High Bow · Whiskey Rock · Whiskey Water · Ginger High Bow · Cork High
· Lemon Sour · Plum Sour · Grape Sour · Calpis Sour · Grapefruit Sour · Coke Sour · Ginger Sour
· Cassis Orange · Cassis Grape · Cassis Oolong · Cassis Soda
- Red wine, white wine
· "Wine cocktail"
· Kalimocho · Kitty · Operator · Double Bianco · Wine Splitza
· "Shochu"
· White Kirishima · Black Kirishima · Hinata Kimake · Hyugaki Black · Hyuga Natural Blue ※ Please choose from rock · water · tea · hot water split
- Hot sake - cold sake
·"Soft drink"
· Oolong tea · Green tea · Coca Cola · Ginger ale · Calpis · Calpis soda · Orange juice · Grapefruit juice

2018/08/04 update